[arch-dev-public] AUFS

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Thu Aug 30 15:18:13 EDT 2007

Every so often I try again to figure out how to make AUFS coexist 
happily with Arch, and I usually end up failing.

So I'm asking for some help puzzling this one out.

AUFS requires a 3-line kernel patch, which appears to expose one 
function which is needed by AUFS to enable proper interaction with NFS:


When the unionfs patches are applied, this patch cannot be cleanly 
applied! Though they don't directly conflict, they modify adjacent 
lines so patch can't find the right place to patch.

What I'm trying to figure out is some way we can have both unionfs 
and aufs as options against kernel26 without having to recompile the 
kernel, in some way that will be feasible to maintain long-term. Any 

Anyone else interested in using AUFS know anything about this?

We use to do root-on-nfs diskless workstations against a common base 
root filesystem, allowing individual workstations to modify their 
own root filesystem using a writeable aufs layer. Unionfs is 
specifically deficient when used in combination with nfs, and aufs 
is proving quite superior.

Even if you haven't any ideas, thanks for listening!

- P

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