[arch-dev-public] Signoffs

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Sun Dec 2 20:29:49 EST 2007

i assumed the signoffs as you described them now again. no problem 
there. instead of just having one dev behind a pkg.tar.gz file 
granting its "working" state, signoffs double this, so that 2 devs 
are behind every pkg.tar.gz

Monday 03 December 2007, Aaron Griffin wrote:
 | How about this: In the email sent out for having a package signed
 | off, you explicitly list yourself as signed off on a given
 | architecture that you actually tested the package on. Is there a
 | problem with this?

for the process itself, yes, it would be better to have also the 
builder of a pkg on an arch to sign off explicitelly.

regarding signing off a pkg, i have a general comment. now it is 
happening on the mailinglist. once the new web-frontend of official 
repos is updated to include multiple devs per pkg and also per arch, 
the singing (signing) can take place also on the website in a 
list-like thing (ajax or similar to the todo-lists), ideally once 2 
or more devs did sing, the possibility would be to move the pkg out 
of testing automatically (e.g. by pressing a button). once this is 
working and the process has low ammount of overhead doing it, we can 
do the singing even in extra and unstable. 

- D

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