[arch-dev-public] Absence - still - as well as lack of a fast Internet connection

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Dec 12 04:19:38 EST 2007

Just a status message from me:

I moved over 6 weeks ago and am settling in fine, but my boss is keeping
me very busy, I've been working with a professor from Dubna/Russia for
several weeks now, and will be doing so until Christmas. This
effectively prevents me from doing any Arch work during the day.

I don't have my own broadband connection at home yet, so working in the
evenings is virtually impossible, as the wireless connections I have
access to give me very bad speed, high latency and are unstable.

Aaron requested me to orphan filesystems and initscripts. I don't feel
that orphaning them is necessary (I will do that if you insist),
however, Roman assigned a couple of bugs to me which I cannot take care
of. Roman, if you find new bugs for any of my stuff, could you please
assign them to someone else as well (for example Aaron for initscripts).

On another note, if anyone finds himself with spare time, feel free to
do any of those updates (my dashboard out of date list):

    * Extra::bftpd 2.0
    * Extra::davfs2 1.2.2
    * Extra::flashplayer-standalone
    * Extra::ginac 1.3.7
    * Extra::hibernate-script 1.96
    * Extra::mplayer 1.0rc2
    * Core::iwlwifi 1.2.0
    * Core::klibc-udev 116
    * Core::lvm2 2.02.28
    * Core::ntfs-3g 1.1004
    * Core::wpa_supplicant 0.5.8

I think flashplayer-standalone doesn't have a new version (it is hard to
find anyway). mplayer is just the x264 rebuild for testing.

I feel very strong about lvm2, ntfs-3g and wpa_supplicant. Also, I built
my own local version of wpa_supplicant_gui with the qt4 version in the
source tarball. As we use qt4 now, we might as well use that version in
the future.

If someone updates hibernate, make sure to adjust our patch to it, it
adds some arch-specific stuff.

I hope to find some time for arch again after Christmas, but cannot
guarantee anything now. I will keep you informed.

Have a nice December

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