[arch-dev-public] x264 testing?

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Fri Dec 28 08:53:07 EST 2007

Friday 28 December 2007, Paul Mattal wrote:
 | Damir Perisa wrote:
 | > what is the reason we have x264 in extra half a year outdated
 | > and the one up-to-date in testing?
 | The new one hasn't been fully vetted yet, nor are we certain all
 | the packages which link to it have been rebuilt.
 | The reason the older stable one is in extra is because it's the
 | older stable one which existing packages are built against.

we should have a todo for this. finddeps gives me a quite short list:

[damir at Apollon Arch]$ ./finddeps x264
avidemux (this one i just "rebuilt" against old x264 to put it in 
[extra] instead of testing)

do i miss something?

/me is at work (civil work at museum, instead of military) now, but i 
will untill the end of next week for sure set up the tts (testing 
tracking system) or at least the mess i have already and let you all 
use it. maybe even i'm allowed to put it on gerolde (its php).

- D

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