[arch-dev-public] sudo: need x86_64 build and signoff

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Sun Dec 30 23:58:58 EST 2007

New sudo 1.6.9p10-3 is up for i686, but needs an x86_64 build and is 
otherwise ready for signoff.

It's an upgrade from p9 to p10, which fixes the broken behavior of the 
-p flag-- it should work now where it didn't before.

Additionally, this release changes the syslog facility from the default 
("local2") to auth, closing #8671. Verify the meaty sudo log messages 
now appear in auth.log rather than ppp.log!

This release does not address #7910, because if -p now works, it seems 
like this problem could be solved more permanently on the gksu side.

This release does not address #8602, as I have not yet thought through 
the potential security implications of this change. Input is welcome 
here from any who may already have considered this.

- P

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