[arch-dev-public] repo reorg

Jürgen Hötzel juergen at hoetzel.info
Wed Jul 11 15:28:34 EDT 2007

On Wed, Jul 11, 2007 at 07:18:35AM -0400, Paul Mattal wrote:
> I support reorganizing, but like the fact that a single full CD can give
> me a pretty useful system if I'm a disconnected install. I also support
> using more repos rather than fewer, since with repoman the repos will
> become less of a hassle to manage. I support wide driver support, but

Whats the benefit of having multiple repositories? Fedora recently merged
extra and core. What's the benefit for end users, if the have to configure
multiple repositories for package installation? There is no logical
segmentation of packages that fits for everyone:

Desktop User's want x.org in base install (contrary to Server Admin's). 


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