[arch-dev-public] more repo reorg - take 2

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Wed Jul 11 17:11:30 EDT 2007

So the discussion so far suggests to me that I was wrong; in fact, 
it would not be easy to maintain any sort of [lite] or [full] that 
was limited in any way amongst the entire group. We will no longer 
have a set of packages of any predictable size we can carry around.

One point still being missed about base vs. support: right now we 
are sloppy. We assume that certain packages are installed because 
they are in base or just because they are important. We should either:

a) make our dependencies complete and not rely on such things OR

b) have some group of packages that users should assume will break 
things if they remove.

I think a) is better.

So I amend my suggestion:

   has 2 categories - base, support
   base is by default fully installed when Arch is installed
     (base category pkgs also in base group for easy depends)
   support is by default not installed when Arch is installed
   only package dependencies require base pkgs to be installed
     (means we must fix our dependencies)
   draws from existing base category +
     drivers/utilities needed for installs
   minimize size
   stringent review/discussion for changing base,
     less so for support

   everything else

Also, this can be done now because it's relatively easy.

- P

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