[arch-dev-public] wireless modules up for grabs

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Jul 23 16:09:35 EDT 2007

Just an update on the modules:

> * ipw3945 - only needs to be maintained until iwl3945 is stable (not yet).
I adopted them.

> * at76c503a-cvs
Someone should update that, we actually have at least one user. Are you
doing that?

> * tiacx - there's kernel patches in -mm, these are probably better as
> the external module is infrequently updated.
The legacy acx driver doesn't compile with 2.6.22, we have no new
snapshot, and the mac80211 and softmac version don't seem to work as far
as I can see. This means there is no usable acx100/111 driver.

> * rt2500 - had hardware for this, but it's bust now.
> * rt2x00-* - will be in 2.6.22 from wireless-git?
Could you disown these? I am taking care of them.

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