[arch-dev-public] Don't Panic Release Isos

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Mon Jul 30 17:52:50 EDT 2007

Monday 30 July 2007, Simo Leone wrote:
 | On Mon, Jul 30, 2007 at 11:09:17PM +0200, Tobias Powalowski wrote:
 | > Hi
 | > i generated new Don't panic isos, i'll test them tomorrow and if
 | > they work i'll put them to 686 ftp to let the servers sync.
 | tomorrow? so I can change that date back to july? :)
 | -S


i would say, leave it and think of it as an "early present"

thanx for the birthday present for switzerland (tomorrow switzerland 
gets 700 or 716 years, depending on what history book you consult)

- D

Damir Perisa
Master Student
Biozentrum, University of Basel
Department Biochemistry / Focal Area Infection Biology  
Klingelbergstrasse 50-70
CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland
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