[arch-dev-public] Useful scripts

Jason Chu jason at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 31 10:16:18 EDT 2007

> Note of warning!!  Do not use these scripts on any PKGBUILDs you don't
> trust!  They source every PKGBUILD to obtain the information - if a
> single PKGBUILD has rm -rf ~ you'd lose your home directory.  You've
> been warned. ;)  (of course you could run it in a sandbox as well, but
> yeah.)

The new way I parse PKGBUILDs in namcap really rocks for not trusting
PKGBUILDs.  Apparently bash has a --restricted mode.  You have to override
the PATH variable to make sure they can't execute any commands, but that's
about it.


This script basically outputs a PKGBUILD in db format.

> find-bad-licenses:
> This one also finds all PKGBUILD files located in any subdirs of
> $(pwd), and analyses all entries in the license array.  If the license
> isn't one located in /usr/share/licenses/common, and it doesn't start
> with 'custom', then the package and its invalid license are output to
> stdout.  Also, if no license is defined, it outputs this info to stdout
> as well.
> At the moment, it doesn't check the validity of custom licenses, but it
> does its job well; I've also attached the list it generates when run
> against extra/community/unstable.  It's a long list - almost 2k
> invalid/non-existent licenses.

This rule could be added to namcap.  We could check for the validity of the
licenses in a package (at that point we can see if there are custom
licenses stored in the package).

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