[arch-dev-public] Package Cleanup: Part II

Jason Chu jason at archlinux.org
Fri Jun 1 15:05:31 EDT 2007

> > Ok, so I'm trying to ignore the core stuff.  Ignoring that, what is the
> > definition of current?  So far I've seen "not desktop apps".  Does that
> > mean console apps are ok?  Bluetooth libs?  Is cdparanoia a desktop app
> > even though it's not graphical?  Is cups really a desktop app?  I'm just as
> > likely to use it on a print server...  Fetchmail isn't graphical at all,
> > but you could argue that reading email is a desktop use.
> >
> > I don't know what your definition is, so the choices seem arbitrary.
> The entire list and little voting system in there was done with the
> specific intent of defining current - that's just the thing, no one
> knows what it should be.
> You bring up cups - it's on the list sure, but look at the unofficial
> vote thing - consensus says is stays in current (2 to 18 for moving to
> extra).  Apache as well.
> I'm not using my feelings or even asking specific people what they
> think - interested parties went to that page and said "I am an arch
> user and this is how I feel about this package" - it's a feeling-out,
> and it appears that things like enlightenment should move to extra (17
> to 0 vote) according to those interested in the topic (obviously,
> uninterested parties don't add to the page, and if they're
> uninterested it means it doesn't matter where the packages are to
> them).

Ok, that's fair enough.  Then it is *very* important that everyone at least
glance at the list.  If all of this stuff happens and someone says, "but,
why did this thing move there?", no one will have any sympathy.  It's also
the same with someone saying, "<sarcasm>well thanks a lot guys, now package
XYZ won't compile</sarcasm>".  You have your chance now to look at it
before packages get moved.  Do something.

> > I'm also a little afraid of moving packages without fully knowing the
> > ramifications of the changes.  Makedepends and all that.  If pyrex were
> > moved to community, orca (part of gnome-extra) would also have to go, for
> > example.  I didn't see that mentioned anywhere on the wiki page (till I
> > added it).
> You are aware that I've checked these things before for 90% of the
> packages I've moved, right? I actually have a list of packages on my
> desk at home that has 20 or so packages, all crossed off, except for
> pyrex - I do check these things, it's not haphazard.

Honestly, I was not aware of that.  Not trying to question your abilities
or anything, but lots of things like these happen (usually on a smaller
scale) without a lot of background checking going into them.

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