[arch-dev-public] Random tests.

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Mon Jun 4 23:54:52 EDT 2007

Just some random information, that I thought I would share.
I was taking a look at how much traffic different protocols take to accomplish
2 things.

1) Sync the abs tree with a fresh pull
2) Perform a 'sync-check' (test to see if there are any new changes) with no
updates available.


I was using fresh checkouts, so I don't have any other data other than what
appears above. I would like to test some of the protocols against trees that
have updates, git repos with more history than fresh imports, and
for potential degradation as size increases. I don't know if I will get around
to it though. 

If anyone else is interested in testing such things, then let me
know. I would be very interested in the results.

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