[arch-dev-public] wireless modules up for grabs

James iphitus at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 20:43:55 EDT 2007

I've got a pile of different wireless modules, and they're probably
better maintained by someone who has the hardware, or is keeping
better track of the kernel scene then I am now.

I'll keep maintaining them, but if anyone wants them or thinks they
can do a better job, lemme know, and I'll orphan them for you.

* ipw3945 - only needs to be maintained until iwl3945 is stable (not yet).
* madwifi - as it's never going to be merged, yet it's common
hardware, maybe move this to [current]?
* at76c503a-cvs
* tiacx - there's kernel patches in -mm, these are probably better as
the external module is infrequently updated.
* rt2500 - had hardware for this, but it's bust now.
* rt2x00-* - will be in 2.6.22 from wireless-git?

iphitus // Arch Developer // iphitus.loudas.com

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