[arch-dev-public] Unused websites?

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Wed May 9 00:18:28 EDT 2007


I was taking a look at the list of websites that AL provides this evening.
I ran across a few sites that I had actually forgotten!

Arch Artwork Gallery - art.archlinux.org
Development Blog    - blog.archlinux.org

Just curious how much traffic these sites get, and if it would be reasonable
to drop them or not. I know I haven't made much use of them in the past.

My thinking is as follows:
Art.archlinux.org -- This site doesn't seem to get much use. Most of the
screenshot action is in the forums, in the screenshot threads. I have seen a
few wallpaper threads rolling around in the forums too. 

blog.archlinux.org -- Not sure how visible this is, and how used it is. I *do*
see posts on it, but hardly ever any comments. I do not know how much
community engagement it has. 

If it is just "one more place for noise", perhaps we could just drop that, and
post those type of news items on the front page along with other news.


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