[arch-dev-public] Next Developer Meeting

James iphitus at gmail.com
Wed May 9 06:20:34 EDT 2007

So here's for another developer meeting.

We've got a ton of things to discuss, there's already a few stagnant
threads on this ML that need picking up. I'm happy to work out an
agenda, and progress reports on things would be good too, as well as
checking on what we've done since the last meeting.

I'd like to try something different with this one. I think we need to
really discuss things, and to do this properly, i'm of the opinion,
that text doesn't cut it.

I propose, we meet on Saturday, 2nd June, same time as the last
meeting, cept this time we use teamspeak. VOIP for the uninitiated.

AFAIK it has text support for those without microphones... but a cheap
standard, even name brand snd-usb-audio headset costs next to nothing.



iphitus // Arch Developer // iphitus.loudas.com

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