[arch-dev-public] we want to give x86_64 a new direction

Daniel Isenmann daniel.isenmann at gmx.de
Thu May 10 16:36:08 EDT 2007

On Thu, 10 May 2007 12:00:43 -0700
Jason Chu <jason at archlinux.org> wrote:
> Eventually, this will be the huge difference.

not in our view. putting in packages later would happen also in the
clone way when we 2 packagers would take our ethusiasm back to an usual
level. we are just trying to make the best of our resources.

> > we want to do this all together with the ArchLinux developers and
> > community. we want to keep using all the great tools and resources
> > Arch already offers.
> What sorts of things do you want to "do all together"?  Do you mean
> you just want to use the tools?  If so, that's fine.  Even frugalware
> does that.

we want to keep it an official ArchLinux port having all the technical
> I don't know what sorts of resources we could offer for you or what
> you're expecting.  It would be better if things were totally separate.

why won't you allow us some modifications in the developement process? 
> I also don't know about the name.  If you want to keep calling it
> Arch64, you're going to have to make it apparent that it's not
> following Arch Linux anymore.
> Jason

sad if you force the port going back to a community project or even a


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