[arch-dev-public] Package cleanup - implementation

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri May 11 18:41:59 EDT 2007

Dan McGee schrieb:
> Pros:
> 1. More maintainers = more testing and frequent updates. Instead of
> only allowing devs to update the localizations, we allow TUs to do
> this as well. Devs should have no problem still doing this as well-
> they should be able to update anything in community if necessary.
> 2. It separates the building tasks (package and l10n), allowing the
> developer to focus more on the package and others on the
> localizations. This would hopefully encourage developers to do better
> testing.
> 3. ?
> Cons:
> 1. People may frown a bit upon 'community' taking a more official
> role, although I think this perception should be changed.
> 2. ?

I can give the example of firefox/thunderbird here: Their i18n packages
should be updated the same time as the main package, else localization
will break (that is reflected with a pkg=ver depend in these cases). So
having the i18n package in a repo the main package maintainer has no
access to is not a good idea.

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