[arch-dev-public] FTP (re)organization

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon May 14 14:21:50 EDT 2007

While discussing with Dale about where to put the new isos, the issue of
the ftp organization came up:

Right now, we have subdirectories, 0.1, ..., 0.8 and current is a
symlink to 0.8. This is bad for several reasons. It suggests that we
have a "release", which we don't. And everytime we release a new
version, we move 0.X to 0.Y, and re-set the current symlink, that means
the mirrors will re-pull all the current packages (which they already
have, but download anyway). I suggest doing this for cleanup:

- rm current; mv 0.8 current
(I know this will cause the same problem as described above, but at
least it will be the last time)
- rm release
- remove all isos from current/iso/* and replace them with the new ones
(this means we won't keep the old isos, but do we need them?)
- ln -s current/iso iso-download
so that people can find the isos more easily on the mirror.

Any objections/suggestions?

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