[arch-dev-public] Master Server (gerolde.archlinux.org) reboot scheduled for today.

Dale Blount dale at archlinux.org
Mon May 14 14:32:26 EDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-05-14 at 09:53 -0400, Dale Blount wrote:
> It's been a long time coming - we really need to reboot gerolde and
> apply updates.  It's been good to us for 7 months :)
> Approx 1:30 EDT today I will -Syu and reboot gerolde.  Please refrain
> from uploading packages / updating around this time so it is not
> interrupted.  Kexec should kick in and only require about 60 seconds for
> a reboot if all works well.
> Are there any known issues with django and the new python?  Or flyspray
> and the new php?  Anything else like that?

Also, mailman is listed in IgnorePkg.  Anyone know why?

I'm actually going to have to hold off on this until tomorrow.  I just
don't have time to fix it if it breaks today. 

Can one (or both) of the other enablers pick a time (preferably 8-5 EDT)
that they can be available to double check config files / fix broken



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