[arch-dev-public] FTP (re)organization

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue May 15 13:28:34 EDT 2007

Aaron Griffin schrieb:
> Ah, I see the issue now.
>> Should we create /installer/2007.05 or /iso/2007.05 and mention it in
>> the announcement?
> I'd say just make a new iso/2007.05/ dir and do everything in there.

Isos are in /iso/2007.05/{i686,x86_64}. As soon as ftp.archlinux.org has
synced, could one of you (with proper permissions):

- announce it (changelog is in the iso dir, please don't forget to
mention that newest isos are in /iso/2007.05 on the ftp)
- change the torrent download links on the download page (we can link
them to ftp.archlinux.org)
- mention on the download page that isos are in /iso on the ftp mirror
- maybe add an /iso rsyncd target (most mirrors sync /ftp, but not all
of them)

All seeders, please change your torrents to the new ones.

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