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No caffeine injection device allowed this year. bummer. no other big news. will
be a lot of fun anyway :) cya in berlin. chris

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Subject: [LT07-Pro-Announce] Infomail #6, Mai 21, 2007

Dear Projects,

for final preparations we want to inform you about:

 o Booth Plans
 o Storage Space
 o Packing List
 o Exhibitor/Construction Passes
 o Cruising the Area of Messe Berlin for Delivery and Unloading
 o Arrival at LinuxTag
 o Construction and Dismantling
 o Parking Space
 o Conference Network and Booth Cabling
 o Accommodation
 o Tickets for the Social Events
 o Project Lightning Talks
 o 1st official LinuxTag project meeting

Again, there's much to read for you :-)

1. Booth Plans

Last week we had a long and hard working session with our partners at
Messe Berlin about booth construction. Marko did a tremendous job by
updating almost all booth plans. Please find the final booth plans at


and draw necessary information for your presentation. Those which are
mising will appear tomorrow May 22th.

Plans for Hall 12


and Hall 14.1


show you the final layout of the fair.

If you miss something at your booth, you can order it directly from
Messe Berlin using the following form:


English version of this document available on request.

2. Storage Space

Where possible we tried to integrate coops (Germans would say Kabüffchen
as a diminutive [1] of Kabuff) at the booths. We urge projects to share
this space with other close-by projects.

The overall plans of the halls tell you that there will be storage rooms
(read "Lager" in the plan) available for all projects. We will assign
few keys to persons who will be in charge for access for these rooms.

Additionally there will be a wardrobe where all of you can deposit
coats, luggage and stuff like that without cost. Please ask all your
booth colleagues to store their private stuff there.

3. Packing List

"My name is Open Events Foundation, and in my suitcase I pack..." ---
maybe you know this little kindergarten play ;-) As an old veteran, you
will have at least the following items in your equipment box:

 o tableclothes for the infocounters and tables (in colors that fit to
your booths colours)
 o poster
 o flyers
 o nameplates for your booth staff
 o power extension cords and power multiplier sockets
 o LAN
   - network cables (long, short, Crossover)
   - switches

Power and Internet will be provided by LinuxTag and Messe Berlin for the
project booths. You don't have to worry about these. However, you'll
need to take enough extension cords and power multiplier sockets with
you. We cannot provide them in a proper number for all projects.

If you use a cable drum for distributing power, please make sure not to
connect any computers or monitors to it unless you've pulled off the
entire cable. If you plan to present special hardware, like several
servers, which will consume very much power, please contact us.

Please leave the following things at home:

 o wireless access points

   You are not permitted to operate your private wireless LAN. Please
take this serious. There will be several site surveys to ensure this.
Please read more about networking later on.

 o coffeemakers, kettles and cooking stuff

4. Exhibitor/Construction Passes

If you have not received construction passes yet, we urge you to get in
touch with us!

You can pick up exhibitor passes only on Monday, 28th, and Tuesday,
29th, at the Project Office. Concerning status of your ordered pases
please visit the vCC.

Deadline for further orders for exhibitor and construction passes is
Wednesday, May 23rd.

5. Cruising the Area of Messe Berlin for Delivery and Unloading

Messe Berlin seems to be nearly a planet of its own. If you arrive there
for delivery with your vehicle, use gate 9 only to enter the area, then
follow signage to hall 12. For a rough orientation please see this map:


Make sure to have a deposit of 50,- EUR in cash ready at hand. For cars
it allows you to drive on the area for two hours, lorries have three
hours. For details please have a look at the "Verkehrsleitfaden" at


6. Arrival at LinuxTag

As mentioned above, you can only enter the fairground with a valid
'setup exhibitor pass' or an official 'exhibitor pass'. If you come by
car to LinuxTag, please see Cruising the Area of Messe Berlin for
Delivery and Unloading above. If you have any trouble finding the right
entrance or finding your booth, please call the Project's Office and ask
for help. We will announce the official phone numbers during this week.

Your project manager should step by at the Project's Office as soon as
possible to inform us about your arrival, to pickup the prepared welcome
package -including your exhibitor passes and social event tickets- and
get the latest news from Marko or Wolfgang. The office is located at the
bridge to the ICC.

Please notice: Messe Berlin handles this very strict. If you stay longer
than 120 minutes with your car within the fairground the deposit will be

7. Construction and Dismantling

Wednesday, 30th, LinuxTag will open its doors. There will be a kind of
opening ceremony, and most likely some VIP will come for this and visit
the fair. We all want to give a good impression, so your booth does need
to be ready at this morning! We ask you to set up your booth on Monday,
28th, or Tuesday, 29th. With two whole days (from 7 am to 10 pm) we have
enough time to sort things out, and are not in a hurry while visitors
come to visit your booth.

We all aim and hope for a successful event. However, everybody will be
glad after days of hard work at the booth when the exhibition ends.
While understanding to start with dismantling to get on the way home, we
don't want you to start with this process too early.

Please try to put yourself in visitor's shoes - most of them would be
surprised, to phrase that cautious, at the fact that everybody starts to
tear down their booths while the exhibition hasn't ended. We ask you
kindly to keep this in mind.

Dismantling of the booth has to wait until 6:00 pm on Saturday, June
2nd. This can be done without hurry on Sunday, 3rd, from 7:00 am to
10:00 pm, too.

8. Parking Space

We recommend P3 at 'Hammerskjöldplatz'. More space is at P10. Motor
trucks should be driven to P12 (near AVUS). If all fails, there is P14
at the 'Deutschlandhalle'. Again, please see the map from above.

9. Conference Network and Booth Cabling

Please be advised to take network cables of different length with you.
You will also need some switches for the inner-booth network. We will
provide an uplink at each isle or at least at a neighbours booth. These
uplinks will are marked with a red flash-symbol in the detailled booth
plans. Additionally we will install a single twisted pair cable through
the false bottom from the uplink to each point marked with a red cross.
Please lay all your cables along your booth's walls and never lay a
cable so that a visitor may stumble accross it.

Unlike last event, this year LinuxTag is not responsible for the
network. It is set up by T-Systems, contractor of Messe Berlin.

T-Systems will provide a separate LAN for all projects. This will be a
private Class B network, where about half of the IPs are distributed
using dhcp with realtively long leasetime (1 day). The other half of the
address space will be distributed using peg-dhcp where each
booth/project will get at least its own 256 static addresses (see
rfc-2322 for further details).

There are always some experts, which provide their own dhcp service to
all other projects, which results in a big network mess. To be on the
sure side, we advice you to use your peg-dhcp address pool for your
booth's systems.

Please notice: the whole network will be behind a NAT router and some
ports (many unencrypted protocols like telnet, pop3, imap or smtp) to
the Internet will be blocked. Please use their encrypted pendants (ssh,
pop3s, imaps, submission/smtps). If you need a public IP, please contact
us immediately and give us a reasonable explanation, why you will need this.

Please use the wired network for your booth, because the public wireless
LAN will be only available at some points of interest, like the
conference hall or the hackcenter. It is not allowed to operate your own
wireless network at your booth.

In any case we ask you not to connect visitors to the project's network.
They can use the wireless network or visit the hackcenter.

Please let us recapitulate the three don'ts:

 o bind a dhcp-server to the project's network (we already have one ;-)
 o operate a wireless network
 o connect visitors to the project's network

A detailled information sheet with all facts about the network can be
found in the project's welcome package.

10. Accommodation

Please share hints -for accommodation or in general- by using the
LinuxWiki [2]!

11. Tickets for the Social Event

When we asked you to order some sponsored and threrfore cheaper tickets
for the Social Event (details at LinuxNacht [3]) in advance, we asked
you to do this in reasonable amounts.

Because we have only a certain and limited amount of reduced tickets at
our disposal we have to wait for pre-orders of all interested projects.
If we get more orders than we have tickets at hand, we will have to
distribute those in a fair manner to you projects.

Deadline for pre-ordering sponsored tickets is Thursday, May 24th.

12. Project Lightning Talks

A novel feature of this year's conference program is a track called
"Project Lightning Talks", PLT for short. This is an opportunity to
present your project's exhibited highlights quickly and without much
overhead nor lengthy preparation. Each slot is just 15 - 20 minutes and
should highlight your most exciting exhibit.

The PLTs take place at the open Forum directly between halls 12 and 14.1
and are a excellent way to attract visitors to your booths. We have a
total of 14 slots, which are assigned first come, first served. If you
are interested in a slot, please send a message to our colleagues of the
conference team at vp at linuxtag.org including:

 o a short title of your presentation,
 o one or two paragraphs of description,
 o who is presenting (including name, email, and affiliation).

The tracks are scheduled

 o Wednesday, May 30th, 12 - 15 and 16 - 18 o'clock, and
 o Saturday, June 2nd, 13 - 16 o'clock.

We have a small stage, a projector, microphone all prepared. Please
bring a notebook, or arrange one with your booth neighbours.

13. 1st Official LinuxTag Project Meeting

The Projects Committee wants to meet all of you Project Managers in person.

What? - let's talk in a relaxed atmosphere about

 o Feedback Organisation 2007
 o Feedback Booth Construction
 o Handling of 'Commercial Projects'
 o Constitution of a Projects Advisory Council
 o Date and location of LinuxTag 2008
 o Ideas, wishes and schedule for LinuxTag 2008

When? - Wednesday, 30th, 18:30 - 20:00

Where? - room Workshop 1 (ICC-B/R44)

That's it for now.

Do not hesitate to contact us at projects in case of qestions of praise!

Susanne Pfeifer, Wolfgang Drotschmann, Marko Jung & Martin Schulte
Project Committee LinuxTag 2007

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diminutive
[2] http://linuxwiki.de/LinuxTag2007
[3] http://www.linuxtag.org/2007/en/besucher/linuxnacht.html

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