[arch-dev-public] Core Orphans!

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Sun Nov 4 06:42:10 EST 2007

Please make sure we adopt them all very soon!

mailx	8.1.1-4	A commandline utility for sending email	2007-09-19
net-tools	1.60-12	Configuration tools for Linux networking	2007-09-19
perl	5.8.8-8	Practical Extraction and Report Language	2007-10-23
shadow	Shadow password file utilities	2007-09-19
sysvinit	2.86-3	Linux System V Init	2007-09-19
bison	2.3-3	The GNU general-purpose parser generator	2007-09-19
bcm43xx-fwcutter	006-1	firmware extractor for the bcm43xx kernel module	2007-09-16
bridge-utils	1.2-1	Layer2 ethernet bridging for Linux	2007-09-16
dnsutils	9.4.1_P1-2	Various DNS utilities - dig host nslookup nsupdate	2007-09-16
ifenslave	1.1.0-2	Utility for bonding ethernet interfaces	2007-09-16
netkit-telnet	0.17-6	A telnet client (and server)	2007-09-16
pptpclient	1.7.1-2	Client for the proprietary Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, PPTP.	2007-09-16
rp-pppoe	3.8-1	Roaring Penguin's Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet client	2007-09-16


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