[arch-dev-public] [PATCH] initscripts: Add a splash support

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Nov 4 08:43:56 EST 2007

Daniel Isenmann schrieb:
> Then the whole discussion is senseless. It's like we have concerns
> about it, but you do what you want, because you are maintaining it.

As I said, I will listen to concerns, but right now, I haven't seen any
real arguments, just things like "Supporting things I don't
like/use/want is stupid". I don't use or like splash, in fact, I find it
annoying and stupid.
But Arch is about choice. If we can give users a choice to use splash by
adding a few simple hooks to a few scripts that don't hurt anyone, then
why not do it? Right now, users have to break their systems if they want
splash, is that the proper solution for you?

> Just opening a branch that CAN be merged later
> despite the concerns of others isn't right. I know, you can delete this
> branch, if it isn't merged later, but I think we are a team and have
> discuss and decide several things together.

So, you suggest we should post one patch after the other to the list,
making the review a pain in the ass. Adding a branch is just a
convenient way to collect the work that has been done and show results
to others, so they can actually view what is being suggested (which I
assume most of you haven't done).

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