[arch-dev-public] [PATCH] initscripts: Add a splash support

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 02:09:14 EST 2007

Man, there was a lot to read through there. Whew!

Let me summarize exactly what's happening here. We have a divide
between the "what we have now is good enough" crew, and the "lets try
some more experimental features" crew. Both sides have valid points.
But, sadly, I need to side with one of them.

Having splash support in our initscripts is a good thing. We're not
forcing anyone to use a bootsplash. In fact, we're doing just the
opposite. We're facilitating it. We're saying "if you want to, go

For those of you who DON'T use bootsplash, I humbly suggest you take a
peek at rc.sysinit and look at all the stuff we support an no one
uses. There's a lot of it. We support quite a lot of stuff in there
because, frankly, there's no better place for it.

Now here's the thing. This *could* be modular. We *could* do this in a
separate dir of scripts that are executed way in the beginning of
rc.sysinit. In fact, we could even get crazy and name that dir
"/etc/rc0.d" or something. /me smirks.

We maintain a very simplistic init style. This is a good thing. The
problem with doing so is here - for some features, we need to put
support in our scripts. We can't have the support in external files or
directories, or anything like that - that's the kind of initsystem we
explicitly DON'T have.

So here's my suggestion for the naysayers - rewrite our initscripts to
support a SysV init style. Do that and I will gladly maintain a second
initscripts package. However, right now all you're doing is fighting
against the "curse of Arch" - talking real work to death, and killing

In summary: I'm for it.

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