[arch-dev-public] Status Report: 2007-11-05

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 15:40:05 EST 2007

On Nov 8, 2007 1:52 PM, Paul Mattal <paul at mattal.com> wrote:
> James Rayner wrote:
> >> I vote for a), because:
> >>
> >> 1) I don't think we should make decisions for the TU community. They
> >> operate quite well relatively self-sufficiently, and I don't think
> >> devs should start putting packages in [community] if they aren't
> >> part of that community.
> >>
> >> 2) It will encourage us to make a choice to commit to some packages
> >> as a distro. This is a good thing. I still don't know what packages
> >> are okay to put in [extra] and which are not, and I'd like to have a
> >> repo I can put any package in that I'm willing to stake my
> >> reputation on ([crust]) and later see it voted into fuller support
> >> ([mantle]) if there's consensus.
> >
> > I kinda agree. I don't think we need to make any change though. I think
> > the split works well as it is... from my point of view:
> >
> > [extra] - we provide a higher level of 'support' and are typically more
> > important packages than those in [community]. (gnome, soffice, openbox..
> > more popular things). More support as we have [testing], more integrated
> > developer group, priority on bug tracker, more attention etc.
> >
> > [community] - lesser level of support. _Typically_ less
> > popular/important/more niche (niche packages, special interest, slightly
> > less popular)
> >
> > Exceptions are allowed, as some developers will maintain some "personal"
> > packages in [extra] that may be "better" in [community], as this is more
> > convenient for them. Consider it a perk of being a developer.
> But you must admit, by doing what you suggest, we aren't doing my
> #1. We're making decisions about a repo that really doesn't belong
> to us and risking upsetting the delicate balance between TU and
> developer communities.

Not necessarily. Perhaps we just participate in the community repo as
if we were TUs, we don't need to set ourselves up in the "king" roles.

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