[arch-dev-public] Kernel - vanilla vs patched?

Tobias Powalowski t.powa at gmx.de
Sat Nov 10 03:09:36 EST 2007

The sources are documented in PKGBUILd and the things are all from stable 
kernel trees.
We have no stability problem else you would have read
much more on the ML,FORUM or BUGTRACKER.
(You want to pretend this but it doesn't matter which road you drive you are 
never sure if it works or breaks something else, it's too complex. Also .x 
kernels can have issues, the perfect kernel is and will not be reality, this 
is what i can tell ya of doing it the last months/years)

You never know when linus or greg decides to release .x kernels.
So interim patching makes sense.

The particular feature request is usable and works, i tested it here and if 
you don't give a damn about acpi-cpufreq(which is not autoloaded at all) you 
are not affected at all. If this patch existed 1.5 years ago i wouldn't have 
needed to change the dip switches of my mainboard to undervolt.

I was flamed for not adding genpatches some time ago, now we have some of 
them, wham again flamed.

Last time i was flamed for not adding particular filesystems to the kernel 
because i doubted they port their patches to higher kernels (in the 
beginning, after seeing it's maintained well it's not a big deal)

Using latest alsa has big benefits of supporting latest hardware and get 
latest fixes for the drivers and it's a seperate kernel subsystem where this 
works. (and sorry to say that, alsa seems to have issues everytime, thats not 
the fault of alsa but the fault of the vendors that use so many different 
types of chips and bioses)

Violating KISS is not the point here it has nothing to do with it, also the 
arch way is not offended.
Telling that the majority of devs are against it, show it to me.
(The loudest ones are not the majority)
I always thought we trust each other in doing the work, 
but flaming and bikeshedding seems to be our new hobby here.

have a nice day
Tobias Powalowski
Archlinux Developer & Package Maintainer (tpowa)
tpowa at archlinux.org
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