[arch-dev-public] Second list of removal candidates

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Tue Nov 13 20:34:00 EST 2007


Here is the second list of removal candidates.  Please go through
it to make sure we don't remove a package that, for some reason,
should remain in extra. Some of the reason are actually questions
or discussion topics so it would be nice to get some feedback on
them. As said before, some of these packages can be depends of
community packages. Please just dicuss them for now. I would
prefer to do the actual removal myself. I will do so when the
discussions will be over.

   Package        Reason to remove it or Reason to keep it. Any comments, 
concerns, etc.
akode	will be dependency of kde4, right? (dp)
apmd	replaced by acpi (incorrect. needed for older machines)
aria	Superceded by aria2?
aumix	what console audio mixers do we provide?
bidwatcher	broken: bidding in bidwatcher is indefinitely broken because eBay has forced all bidding to occur only through signed-in clients
bind	DNS server. Should stay in repo.
blam	yet another RSS reader
cccp	dead project, could (maybe?) be replaced by dctc
cdw	project (ncurse cd-writer) has been revived, is there another console cd-writer in repo?
chgres	old, low usage?
cplay	yet another curses audio player
cvsfs	Discontinued. Developement has stopped in favor of cvsfs-fuse.
dcd	yet another command-line CD player
divx4linux	unused lib/codec
dump	tapedrive utility. it it worthy to keep?
edb	enlightenment db, unused
efax	utilities to send and receive faxes, I guess we should keep it unless another package provides fax support
epic4	yet another console irc client
exim	what mta will we keep?
font-bh-ttf	should we keep it?
font-bitstream-speedo	who uses speedo fonts?
font-misc-ethiopic	i18n support, should be kept
font-misc-meltho	i18n support, should be kept
freetype1	unused lib
galeon	yet another web browser
gentoo	yet another file manager
gimp-perl	low usage: perl plugin and modules for gimp
gnet1	unused lib
gnome-audio	audio files for gnome. Are they still useful?
gpgme03	obsoleted by gpgme???
gprolog	Can be removed, I guess. There is another prolog compiler (swi-prolog) in repo.
gpsdrive	new dependencies in community, should be in community or unsupported ==> to be moved to community for Damir
grcm	dead project. no release since 2003
gstreamer0.10-jack	should not be removed (drastic loss of function for any gstreamer using app) - if nobody takes the gstreamer pkgs, i will (damir)
ircii-pana	yet another console irc client
irda-utils	Utilities for infrared communication between devices: should be kept
isapnptools	ISA Plug-And-Play devices support: shopuld be kept
lam	MPI programming environment: low usage
lib3ds	free alternative to Autodesk's 3DS File Toolkit for handling 3DS files: low usage
libast	unused lib
libflashsupport (in unstable)	unused lib
libgnomesu	gksu and kdesu provide same functionality
libping	Anyone use ding in their scripts? Otherwise, unused lib/package
libtrash	unused lib
lineak_defaultplugin	The lineak packages could be substituted by my (Eric) keytouch pkg in community. It has more dependencies (gtk2) but has much or more functionality.
lineak_xosdplugin	same comment as above
lprng	we have cups standard now
madplay	yet another curses audio player
mail-notification	mail notification icon for gnome: low usage
masqmail	home page disappeared, another MTA
mod_python	used on Archlinux.org for django?
nautilus-sendto	nautilus extension, can be removed from extra
netdude with libnetdude & libpcapnav	used to inspect/manipulate tcpdump trace files. Should we keep it?
netgo	a tool for changing network settings quickly and easily: Is it still useful/usable with the latest network scripts?
netkit-ntalk	Isn't talk obsoleted by Instant Messaging and IRC?
oidentd	ident server like pidentd (orphaned). Which one should we keep or should we remove both?
openchrome	graphics drivers, should be kept unless it can be replaced by xf86-video-unichrome
pdns          Do we keep it?
pdns-ldap	unused lib, might be included in pdns (currently orphaned)
pdns-mysql	unused lib, might be included in pdns (currently orphaned)
pdns-pgsql	unused lib, might be included in pdns (currently orphaned)
perl-email-date	unused perl module. To Jan: You added it to the repo 2 months ago with several other perl packages. Did you forgot to adopt them or are they future dependencies?
pidentd	ident server like oidentd (orphaned). Which one should we keep or should we remove both?
powernowd	Do we need it? We already have cpudyn and cpufreq.
prozilla	multi-threaded download accelerator: low usage/usefulness
ptabtools	low usage: utilities to read files created by PowerTab Guitar Tablature editor (a Windows app)
pure-ftpd	yet another ftp server
quick-lounge-applet	gnome applet: low usage/usefulness
samplicator	home page has disappeared, looks like dead project
service-discovery-applet	gnome applet: low usage/usefulness
setserial	support for serial device, should be kept unless it's no longer needed
speedtouch	modem drivers, should be kept
splitvt	splitvt takes any VT100 terminal window and splits it vertically into two shell windows: screen does that
ssmtp	what mta will we keep?
tiacx (in unstable)	wireless drivers, should be kept
tiacx-mm (in unstable)	wireless drivers, should be kept
tpop3d	yet another pop3 server
xf86-video-unichrome	graphics drivers, should be kept, somebody with that hardware or the Xorg maintainer should take it
xforms	old, low usage
xpdf-arabic	i18n support, should be kept
xpdf-chinese-simplified	i18n support, should be kept
xpdf-chinese-traditional	i18n support, should be kept
xpdf-cyrillic	i18n support, should be kept
xpdf-greek	i18n support, should be kept
xpdf-hebrew	i18n support, should be kept
xpdf-japanese	i18n support, should be kept
xpdf-korean	i18n support, should be kept
xpdf-latin2	i18n support, should be kept
xpdf-thai	i18n support, should be kept
xpdf-turkish	i18n support, should be kept
zsh	very popular. iphitus will adopt if nobody else will

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