[arch-dev-public] Second list of removal candidates

Roman Kyrylych roman.kyrylych at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 11:45:25 EST 2007

2007/11/14, Eric Belanger <belanger at astro.umontreal.ca>:
> Hi,
> Here is the second list of removal candidates.  Please go through
> it to make sure we don't remove a package that, for some reason,
> should remain in extra. Some of the reason are actually questions
> or discussion topics so it would be nice to get some feedback on
> them. As said before, some of these packages can be depends of
> community packages. Please just dicuss them for now. I would
> prefer to do the actual removal myself. I will do so when the
> discussions will be over.
> =======================================================================================
>    Package        Reason to remove it or Reason to keep it. Any comments,
> concerns, etc.
> =======================================================================================
> akode   will be dependency of kde4, right? (dp)
it seems yes.

> aumix   what console audio mixers do we provide?
In previous thread the answer was given - alsamixer (in alsa-utils),
so aumix can be removed.

> bind    DNS server. Should stay in repo.
Any volunteer to take this is important package?

> cdw     project (ncurse cd-writer) has been revived, is there another console cd-writer in repo?
I adopted it.

> chgres  old, low usage?
Seems pretty useless to me -> Unsupported.

> cplay   yet another curses audio player
The new homepage is http://mask.tf.hut.fi/~flu/cplay/
The latest version is 1.50pre7 dated 2006-05-09.
Seems like a dead project -> Unsupported.

> dump    tapedrive utility. it it worthy to keep?
Heh, it was the first package that I touched (fixed PKGBUILD) in Extra. :-)
I've just read http://dump.sourceforge.net/isdumpdeprecated.html and
still don't find it useful.
-> Unsupported

> font-bh-ttf     should we keep it?
I can maintain it in Community, you can move it right there (if there
are no objections).
Instead, I'd like to bring ttf-freefont and ttf-liberation to Extra,
which are much more important.

> font-bitstream-speedo   who uses speedo fonts?
Not me. :-P

> gnet1   unused lib
Hm, probably it is a (make)depend for some community package IIRC,
but that's not critical if you move it to Unsupported (can be moved
back to Community if needed).

> gnome-audio     audio files for gnome. Are they still useful?
Yes. They are in gnome-extra group.
I'm volunteering to maintain anything Gnome (except Mono stuff) that
JGC doesn't maintain.

> gpgme03 obsoleted by gpgme???
I haven't seen any package that (make)depends on this (I maintain at
least 2 gpg(me) frontends in Community).

> gstreamer0.10-alsaspdif
> gstreamer0.10-cdaudio
> gstreamer0.10-jack      should not be removed (drastic loss of function for any gstreamer using app) - if nobody takes the gstreamer pkgs, i will (damir)
> gstreamer0.10-mpeg2enc
> gstreamer0.10-musicbrainz
> gstreamer0.10-pitfdll
> gstreamer0.10-sndfile
> gstreamer0.10-wavpack
> gstreamer0.10-x264

IMO all gsteamer0.10 packages should be kept in the same repo (Extra)
for easier maintainence. I can offer my help in this.

> libflashsupport (in unstable)   unused lib
It was optional addition for old flashplugin, that offered ALSA
support etc. (AFAIR)
I think isn't needed for flashplugin-9, there's no mention of it on
Adobe's Flash Plugin page now.

> libgnomesu      gksu and kdesu provide same functionality
@JGC: is this some crap from previous Gnome?

> libtrash        unused lib
"A shared library which, when preloaded, implements a trash can under GNU/Linux"
Hm, I don't think anybody uses it -> Unsupported.

> lineak_defaultplugin    The lineak packages could be substituted by my (Eric) keytouch pkg in community. It has more dependencies (gtk2) but has much or more functionality.
> lineak_xosdplugin       same comment as above

Lineak is pretty old but it may still be used by someone. I think it
shouldn't be just deleted, but moved to Unsupported.

> madplay yet another curses audio player
And it depends on esd which is expected to not live long in Extra.
-> Unsupported

> mail-notification       mail notification icon for gnome: low usage
Move to Community, I'll adopt it.

> masqmail        home page disappeared, another MTA
Sources and patches can be found on Debian's site
But still -> Unsupported I think.

> nautilus-sendto nautilus extension, can be removed from extra
Move to Community -> I'll adopt it.

> oidentd ident server like pidentd (orphaned). Which one should we keep or should we remove both?
Are they used by someone? I'd say both.

> powernowd       Do we need it? We already have cpudyn and cpufreq.
Not needed.

> pure-ftpd       yet another ftp server
This is pretty good server, I guess somebody will maintain it in
I will take it if noone else will.

> quick-lounge-applet     gnome applet: low usage/usefulness
Move to Community, I'll adopt it.

> setserial       support for serial device, should be kept unless it's no longer needed
Used by lirc. See FS#3995 & FS#6224

> tpop3d  yet another pop3 server
-> Community, I'll maintain it if noone else will

> xpdf-arabic     i18n support, should be kept
> xpdf-chinese-simplified i18n support, should be kept
> xpdf-chinese-traditional        i18n support, should be kept
> xpdf-cyrillic   i18n support, should be kept
> xpdf-greek      i18n support, should be kept
> xpdf-hebrew     i18n support, should be kept
> xpdf-japanese   i18n support, should be kept
> xpdf-korean     i18n support, should be kept
> xpdf-latin2     i18n support, should be kept
> xpdf-thai       i18n support, should be kept
> xpdf-turkish    i18n support, should be kept
Weren't we going to remove xpdf from Extra? (and lesstiff?)
If no, then xpdf maintainer should maintain packages above, I think.

Roman Kyrylych (Роман Кирилич)

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