[arch-dev-public] Rebuild of core repo will start in few (1-2) hours

Daniel Isenmann daniel.isenmann at gmx.de
Thu Nov 15 11:33:22 EST 2007


after the PKGBUILD were fixed (big thanks to tpowa and Roman), I will
start the rebuild of core repo in 1-2 hours. Packages which are in
testing right now from core, wouldn't be affected of the rebuild. They
are build with the new toolchain already.

Please don't commit anything (no testing stuff, too) to the core repo
until I finished and send an email as reply to this one.

After finishing with rebuild, I will tag and commit the new PKGBUILDs
to the core repo. I will put the packages to testing first.

Be patient, because I will do the rebuild for both architectures (i686
and x86_64).

If anyone doesn't agree with the rebuild, please send a reply to this


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