[arch-dev-public] Getting rid of the ABS <-> CVS link

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 16:03:05 EST 2007

Hey guys,
I wanted to bring this up here to see if anyone had any input.

For the longest time I have hated that ABS is dependent on our version
control system. Not only that but we have this whole csup/cvsup thing
which is annoying, and _now_ we hit yet another snag: csup doesn't
have cvsupd, which means we can't get rid of the cvsup package on

So yeah, CVS == headache.

I wanted to try to get rid of this, and Dan had a brilliant idea:
   * Some cron job (or even cvs hook) that does a simple export of the
repo when it needs to.
   * rsyncd supplying that exports that dir
   * Modify 'abs' to use rsync
   * Boom, done

Does anyone have any issues with something like that? Or any better ideas?

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