[arch-dev-public] ArchCon 2009, Take 2: Let's make a date

James Rayner iphitus at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 07:52:53 EST 2007

> James - I am also aware that my warm weather requirement, combined with
> my chosen dates, indicates a preference for the Northern Hemisphere, but
> our geographical distribution suggests that anyway, right?

Only date above that suggests warmer weather for here is the September
one, but that's no good for me. September = Exams, or immediately before

I didn't expect it to be here anyway... making all of you buy
international tickets just to visit me seems a bit unfair.. Probably
easier if we keep it on the cheap for as many as we can (so Europe/Nth
America) and you all pay for my ticket j/k.

Being a student, the only time I'd be able to do it is my mid-year or
summer break. Summer break is a no-go as it's Nov-Feb -- and I'll have an
industry placement at the end of 2009. My mid year isn't too flexible
either, this year was 25-Jun to 13-July, plus a few days before because my
exams finished early. I can't say when it'll be in 2009.


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