[arch-dev-public] Missing packages?

Jason Chu jason at archlinux.org
Wed Nov 28 13:26:51 EST 2007

> My point was not about what the CURRENT flag *should* mean but about 
> what it does mean. Since it's possible to get the two out of sync 
> (fairly easily, in fact), I don't assume that CURRENT == exactly 
> what's in the repo.

Everyone else does assume this, which is a logical problem.

> That said, I think the best outcome for right now would be to add 
> some language to the failure indicating WHY the package is 
> "missing".. because it hasn't yet been put in the db vs. ones that 
> already have, because the second is a much more important 
> issue/problem than the first to those trying to use the package.

What situations cause these two different cases?

My understanding is that a missing package is one that's been tagged as
CURRENT but we have no package file available for it.

> One day we'll solve the problems fully, and I didn't mean to upset 
> everyone over all this. I just wanted to point out that the repo 
> isn't necessarily in an inconsistent state when this particular 
> scenario occurs, and by throwing the *same* error when the actual 
> repo is hosed vs. when it is not tends to make people ignore the 
> messages altogether.

I think you're confused.  Our db scripts don't work like the aur db
scripts.  If a package is tagged but not uploaded the db scripts continue
working.  It's very rare that the db scripts won't work for future package
updates if a current update can't be found.

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