[arch-dev-public] Firefox install issue

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 13:05:40 EST 2007

Hey guys,
I'm bringing this up here:

There was an oops in our none-too-smart DB scripts. The scripts say
firefox but the FILENAME points to the file.
There actually WASN'T a -2 version but the PKGBUILD had -2

While this is actually NOT critical, and causes no real issues, it
causes _apparent_ issues

Users actually notice, and think there is an error. Simply downgrading
the DB to -1 doesn't work because pacman thinks everyone has -2
installed. I've closed like 5 bug reports about this and there are
forum threads and ML threads about it.

Would someone mind simply rebuilding a -3 version to get rid of the
belief that this is an error and make everything a bit more sane?

I'd do it but I won't have time to test for maybe 6 hours or so.


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