[arch-dev-public] Problem with X?

James Rayner iphitus at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 06:16:19 EDT 2007

On Mon, October 1, 2007 14:26, Jason Chu wrote:
> I've got this weird problem that I think is caused by X.
> I've been following testing for a while now (so I have gnome, db, and
> heimdal).
> Every so often, and apparently randomly, X will stop taking any input
> except
> for mouse movement.  But the mouse movement doesn't even trigger the focus
> follows mouse.
> The panel will still update and so will windows, but my input just totally
> doesn't work.
> The only thing that I can do to fix it seems to be sshing in and killing
> X.
> I run xfce4 so it might be the gnome/gtk updates that aren't working well
> with it...
> Has anyone heard anything about problems with X or is it just me?

Not just you, i've been experiencing them too. As has someone else on the
forums. http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=37987

I can't work it out. I had it badly yesterday, repeatedly, and today it's
only happened once. Nothing in Xorg log. Yesterday was full xfce4, today
was pekwm+xfce-mcs-manager+xfce-panel+xfdesktop. Now i'm just running
pekwm to see if it was xfce4 causing it... It's not firefox, I use opera.

Jacek in the thread above was also running xfce4, so it's possible it
could be that. But... it's difficult to track down, it could be an X

It's not an nvidia issue, as i'm running on intel integrated, 855GM (i810
driver). [testing] repo here too.


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