[arch-dev-public] Status Report 2007-10-01

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 18:17:17 EDT 2007

Hey! Second status report. It's like some sort of milestone!

I'm going to keep some of the short and long term tasks in here, until
we check them off.

ArchLinux Status Report, 2007-10-01

== Newsworthy Items ==

* Some "interesting" front page news.

It kinda *ahem* speaks for itself.

* Damir completed his Master's program

I just wanted to send out a public congratulations, here. I've always
thought of Damir as "the biology student", but I guess I can't do that


== Completed Tasks ==

* db and heimdal rebuilds

These so renames were moved to testing over the weekend. Thanks a lot
Andy and anyone else who participated.

Relevant forum thread:

== Pending Tasks, Short Term ==

* New Round of Package Cleanup

Let's try and get this "complete" this week. I'd like to get at least
2 or 3 of us together with Eric to go through these packages and start
moving them to community or unsupported.

We have an internal list for this here:

Please add candidates if you find them.

Eric, when is a good time for you?

* DVD and Additional Package ISO Lists

Previous discussion has pushed us toward a solution, but we need to
sit down and define what packages we explicitly want (or, rather,
_don't_ want) on these images - that is,

* Unified chroot build tools

I failed here. Deadlines aren't my strong point. Time to redouble my
efforts to get you all some fun chroot building tools!

* Use vendor_perl for pacman perl packages

We weren't able to get to this last week. If anyone has some free
time, I'd appreciate you taking a look at this. If not, I will get to
it myself closer to the end of the week.

This is an easy bug to fix, it's just tedious.

Any takers? Jan, you brought up concern over our perl policy earlier,
are you up to the task?

* Move all Arch related projects to gerolde

Yet another ping here. We're still missing one or two projects which
are important - archboot, some of our internal scripts, etc.


* Next ISO Release Date

We're currently at testing release 0.2 of our next iso.

Please test it out, for all of those interested.

Tobias, can you approximate a date of release for all of us interested?


* DB Script Rewrite

Yup, this one still needs to be done.

It's not critical, as we're in one of those not-broke-won't-fix stages.

* Devtools updates

See this thread:

There are a few complaints with devtools I want to address shortly. If
you have any other pending issues, let me know, and I will see what I
can do.

== Pending Tasks, Long Term ==

* Pacman 3.1 Release

We have a decent amount of issues to be closed in the 3.1 release.
Please take a look and see if you have any input.


Sadly, my time is (heh) fractured into many different things now, but
one of these days Dan and I are gonna sit down and bang out a large
chunk of these.

* Official pacbuild usage

Jason, could we get a "heads up" here - just some sort of direction
for people who would be interested

* 'Continuous Integration' setup / machine

Since the last status report, I got two offers for hardware to run a
CI machine, which is great.

Volunteers always make us over on this side of the fence happy.

Maybe when I get time to breathe, I'll bang out a prelim script... a
man can dream, right?

* Multiple Maintainers on the Dashboard
* Multiple Architectures on the Dashboard

Damir lumped these two together and called it "modernizing" our
dashboard - which I like.

I guess, what we really need, is more people with "their hands in the code".

Any volunteers? Who wants to learn Django?

* Architecture Independent Repos

Relevant thread:

This was discussed and we all seem to agree that it is a good idea to
maintain the packages which aren't specific to any one architecture in
only one repo, rather than maintaining 2 packages.

Still, this needs some coordinated changes to scripts and pacman and
the like - fairly minor stuff, but perhaps we can sneak it in in the
3.1 pacman release.

* ArchCon 2009: Big Baaad Idea

Yep, I'm still riding this one.

A big ol' ArchCon would be fun. We're all in totally different parts
of the world, so we never get to see each other.


== Bugs and Issues ==

* X input lockups

This relates to the Xorg in testing, and may be XFCE related, but it
appears important enough to mention here:



So there we go. Status report numero dos down. Lots of this is copied
from the last one, and see, that's on purpose. This list will keep
growing and growing until we start closing out some of these issues.

Thanks for your continued work, guys.

-- Aaron

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