[arch-dev-public] Social?

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Mon Oct 1 20:39:21 EDT 2007

great idea!

Monday 01 October 2007, Aaron Griffin wrote:
 | music http://last.fm/user/phrakture

 | movies http://www.netflix.com/Profile?prid=258042279
 | (sorry this one is most likely US only, as netflix probably
 | doesn't ship overseas yet)
well... here the old european version:

i prefer movies, that open questions and lead to new thoughts. ;)  i 
also like emotional and beautiful movies. some examples: Amélie, 
Chocolat, Instinct, Lost in translation, Baraka, ...

 | random http://twitter.com/phrakture
tweety? the small yellow bird? ;)

 | And there's much much more - for instance I own the entire set of
 | Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Farscape, and am
 | closing in on the full set of Star Trek: TNG.
i watched some Stargate shows - quite funny, especially if you have a 
background of ecology of populations, evolution and molecular 
biology. a little bit too much US-oriented, but not bad done. 

battlestar galactica, firefly, farscape i don't know. 

star trek i know and also find amusing as well as also interesting 
sometines. however, most of the stories are too much bla bla around 
one or two messages. sorry to be so blunt :) ... i like their movies, 
but i'm definitely no "trekie".

i'm not really a TV-person. well... first i do not have a TV ;) 
i cannot sit and watch it for more than 20 minutes usually, so i dont. 

my most time intensive hobby is not arch but photography. have a look 
here: http://lux.perisa.ch
... as oyu can see, updating websites is also not one of my 
time-intensive hobbies ;) 

i in general prefer to go on expedition, to go outside, to explore 
rather than to work sitting in front of a computer. however, 
sometimes you need to. that's why i think you should know how to do 
so in the most efficient way and under any conditions you run into. 
means: if i'm with my laptop in the middle of the alps, i like to 
depend on it to work in the most efficient way and do the task i need 
to. here is one of the motivations i am involved in arch. it just 
works leaving more time to spend it on other things. and the 
knowledge of how it works and the principles of whole communities 
working on it assures stability as well as flexibility.

from this you also kind of get the impression that i like philosophy, 
thinking around the corner and also sorting the thoughs... bringing 
them to paper / text file i still have to learn. ;)

what else is social about me?... hmm... i started learning to dance 
tango about half a year ago and really like it... i know some 
standard dances but tango is worlds better in my mind at this stage.

another thing: i like cooking and experimenting with food, i like to 
drink tea, good wine, milk (i can drink half a litre no problem) and  
water. ;)

well... everything else oyu like to know, feel free to ask :)


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