[arch-dev-public] Social?

Simo Leone simo at archlinux.org
Mon Oct 1 23:29:53 EDT 2007

On Mon, Oct 01, 2007 at 04:05:49PM -0500, Aaron Griffin wrote:
> music http://last.fm/user/phrakture
Hmm I must be the only person on campus without an ipod, and the only
arch dev without a last.fm account. Do I listen to music? Sure I do, but
it's usually just random internet streams and whatnot, usually rock of
some kind. I tried playing guitar for a bit, and just kinda fell out of
it and never practiced.

> movies http://www.netflix.com/Profile?prid=258042279
> (sorry this one is most likely US only, as netflix probably doesn't
> ship overseas yet)
My list of movies is just a ranom hodgepodge of whatever I happened to
see. I like sci-fi-ish stuff, and of course who can't go without a good
action movie or comedy every now and then?

> random http://twitter.com/phrakture
phrakture told me to get one of these so i'd stop random-thought
spamming him on jabber...heh.

> So what about you all? A lot of us know very little about each other.
> So what do *YOU* do in your free time (besides the copious amounts of
> beer, heh)?
Hmm. Well I'm a pretty formidable/avid runner. I'm known to sporadically
get up and go for a hefty 8 miler after not running for a long time, and
I ran competetively in high school. Kinda weird how that works.

Currently I'm in my first year at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign studying computer science. I guess not all of you knew

Other than that I'm what I suppose you could call a light gamer. Right
now I'm signed up for CAL playing CS:S Open. Not sure how that happened
but we play weekly matches up through mid November.

Otherwise, I'm an expert bum.


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