[arch-dev-public] Social?

James Rayner iphitus at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 10:08:14 EDT 2007

On Tue, October 2, 2007 13:29, Simo Leone wrote:
> Hmm I must be the only person on campus without an ipod, and the only
> arch dev without a last.fm account. Do I listen to music? Sure I do, but
> it's usually just random internet streams and whatnot, usually rock of
> some kind. I tried playing guitar for a bit, and just kinda fell out of
> it and never practiced.

I've got a lastfm account but don't use it. I listen to rock too... and my
tastes have diversified quite a bit over the last few years. Feeder, the
Cure, Beatles, ELO, Athlete, Billy Joel, lots of things, so long as it's
not too heavy. Don't like Rap/HipHop/Electronic either.

> My list of movies is just a ranom hodgepodge of whatever I happened to
> see. I like sci-fi-ish stuff, and of course who can't go without a good
> action movie or comedy every now and then?


>> So what about you all? A lot of us know very little about each other.
>> So what do *YOU* do in your free time (besides the copious amounts of
>> beer, heh)?

I think I'm the only aerospace engineer that doesnt drink. No religious
reason, just don't really drink.

I'm not particularly active, but don't mind
football/soccer/whateveryoucallitinyourcountry and walking when I get the

Studying Aerospace Engineering/Business. Loving the aero, havn't done too
much of the business side yet. Reflects my interests though, avidly follow
spaceflight, and have a bit of interest in aviation too.

I'll read just about anything. Been a long time fan of Clive Cussler and
Dale Brown (not Dan Brown the Da Vinci Code author). Feel like picking up
Hamlet again sometime too. Used to read any decent fantasy books I could
get my hands on, and plenty of mystery novels.

Recently I've been reading a mish mash of space/sci-fi related stuff, an
astronaut memoirs, finished reading the Hitchhikers trilogy last week,
Carl Sagan (Cosmos is a brilliant book, a must read, as is Contact). I
subscribe to nasaspaceflight.com, and intend to get a subscription to
Australian Aviation when I get the chance/money.

> Other than that I'm what I suppose you could call a light gamer. Right
> now I'm signed up for CAL playing CS:S Open. Not sure how that happened
> but we play weekly matches up through mid November.

Good luck!

I'm more a casual gamer and have enjoyed just about every genre looking
back on it. RPG (Final Fantasy), RTS (Warcraft 2,3, AOE), FPS (Quake *,
Half Life *, CS, ET, fortress), Simulation (Flight Sim X, YSFlight, Gran
Turismo) and some random arcadey fun (Trackmania). Still enjoy them all..
cept the RPG's, i've never been one for a story twice. Currently messing
with YSFlight and Trackmania (great, fun "just one more try!" type racing

I'm a tinkerer and love to know how things work. I pull things to bits,
put them back together again, and usually they work. *hides broken

I can be verbose when given the chance to... oops.

If you made it this far: phrakture, well done quitting the smoking!


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