[arch-dev-public] Social?

Alexander Baldeck kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Tue Oct 2 15:26:24 EDT 2007

Hmm, I don't use social networking sites anymore nor do I post much 
about me on the web anymore, for reasons of constant annoyances. :p

Anyway, since the info on the dev page doesn't say much about me I'm 
going to introduce myself here again.

First of all, I have started to get into computers when I got my GameBoy 
  for Christmas back in '90. Ever since I always dreamed of becoming a 
game developer once I finish school. Even though I've been programming 
from about '92 on my Amiga 600 it wasn't meant to be. Moved out of my 
parent's house in '99 and started with driver development for ISDN cards 
on RedHat which introduced me to the Linux world, which I couldn't find 
my way into w/o internet before.

Nowadays, I hate to work full time and for companies that basically pay 
me a minor salary and sell the fruits of my time without me benefiting. 
That's why we founded the Telekommunisten, a worker owned company that 
primarily does voip services for the enduser. We also very much like to 
contribute to the free software and arts world. Non-profit projects are 
always very welcome and we support them with all the technical skills ad 
time we can offer for small change or free even.

In my free time, I do play vintage video games. I still love my Sega 
Saturn for example which is the only reason I have a TV for. My favorite 
genre in games is probably RPG and survival horror, no I can't stand FPS 
or multi-player only games. ;)

Musically I'm very much into electronic such as on http://deepmix.ru and 
http://klubradio.de, I kind of am involved with the both of them. You 
can please my ears with all kinds of other stuff too but if I need to 
chose, it's minimal techno. heh

What else? I totally love to play with weird hardware as many of you may 
have noticed. Archlinux PPC was one of the bigger things I've done so 
far but I've also started on a MIPS and ARM port a few months ago which 
I don't push so much though. Every now and then I also play with my 
Saturn Devkit and try to drive some old apps written by me further. This 
is some weird shit hardware I tell you. :)

OH, and since I'm a German: I LOVE BEER! :D

And political, philosophical & controverse conversations:



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