[arch-dev-public] 2007.10 ISO release on saturday 6th october?

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 4 07:17:10 EDT 2007

Tobias Powalowski schrieb:
> Hi
> i moved in the 0.3 test isos to ftp/iso directory.
> If no real showstopper is reported till Saturday i would suggest to announce 
> them officially, and remove the other old ISOs from ftp.
> Your thoughts on it?
> Announcement on homepage:
> --- start
> Hi Arch community,
> Arch Linux Don't Panic 2007.10 ISO release
> I changed everything to fit to the new core repository,
> 2 ISOs left ftp ISO and core ISO.
> Changelog:
> - kernel usage
> - disabled arch_addons hook by default, it is now triggered by arch-addons
>   boot parameter
> In order to boot and install successfully, the new RAM recommendations:
> - RAM usage increased to 256 MB (FTP-ISO,CORE-ISO arch boot image)
> - RAM usage 96 MB (CORE-ISO lowmem boot image)
> - fixed the nasty /dev mount bug
> - fixed the /dev/ttyS0 errors if no serial port is installed in the system
> - fixed repositories in install environment to fit to both architectures
> - fixed km to not show broken chars after exit
> - fixed grub installing with xfs filesystem
> - fixed package clearing if setup option was chosen
> - added pptpclient to install environment
> - added sdparm to install environment
> - added all free wireless drivers to install environment
> - added intel wireless drivers to install environment which will be activated
>   by intel-wireless boot parameter
> - added hosts.deny and hosts.allow to config editing dialog
> - added licenses to install environment
> - added new lowmem boot image to core iso
>   stripped everything out that is not necessary for installation

I am clearly against releasing this Saturday. We should wait for 2.6.23
with the next release, as it is going to be there really soon. My guess
is we could release 2007.10 with Linux 2.6.23 on October 13th or 20th.

Releasing now and then again two weeks later will only confuse people.

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