[arch-dev-public] archlinux water

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Thu Oct 4 14:19:00 EDT 2007

Thursday 04 October 2007, Aaron Griffin wrote:
 | That's actually pretty cool. Did you set that up or did it just
 | happen?

it is a fountain in front of the kunstmuseum [1] here in basel. i was 
by bike doing a night-tour through the surroundings (10-15km every 
free evening keeps healthy ... there is no heavy traffick in the 
evening) and usually i have the camera with me. 
looking to the right and i just spotted, that the water looks similar 
to the logo of archlinux. so i took some pictures. :)

i've just added 2 more pics from the same tour - enjoy

- D

[1] : http://www.kunstmuseumbasel.ch/en.html

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