[arch-dev-public] New ISO release thread, please all read!

Dale Blount dale at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 4 16:32:37 EDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 22:22 +0200, Tobias Powalowski wrote:
> Ok,
> according to the last thread about releasing on saturday i summarize:
> - most agree with releasing a new iso that just works
> - New codename?
> A new iso will be released in november which contains a new major kernel,
> which we all agreed  earlier this year should trigger a new codename and 
> release/filename.


> At the moment it would mean much work to regenerate the ISOs with only to 
> include a new code name. With entering kernel .23 series we should bump 
> initscripts to a new code name, suggestions are welcome :)
> one mentioned was Hardcore

+1 for Hardcore

> - Release/File name of ISOs?
> ok here started the confusion, 
> these ISOs will still contain the same major kernel series as in 2007.08 ISOs.
> There was also a thread about name scheme and we wanted to use -0.x as 
> developer ISOs and [1-9] as release/bugfix versions.
> According to this it would be logical to use here
> 2007.08-2 as release/filename
> we could still use the iso/2007.08 directory on ftp and remove the others 
> directories, see section below.

Maybe I missed it, but what's wrong with 2007.08.2 to follow 2007.08.1?

> - Remove of old ISOs and addons?
> All old ISOs ftp routines are broken.
> Also every ISO had some kind of itches which now  are all fixed,
> it would make sense to remove all old ISOs and addons from ftp/iso.
> Addons are not necessary anymore with latest ISOs because most fast enough 
> drivers are now included on the media itself.

-1.  We shouldn't go deleting iso's just because they don't work anymore
for FTP installs.  Nothing would keep a user from installing 0.6 or so
even and upgrading to current.  We just need to make sure that
everything links to the proper places.


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