[arch-dev-public] New ISO release thread, please all read!

Tobias Powalowski t.powa at gmx.de
Fri Oct 5 12:30:49 EDT 2007

Am Freitag, 5. Oktober 2007 schrieb Aaron Griffin:
> On 10/5/07, Roman Kyrylych <roman.kyrylych at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I suggest this:
> > 1) move all *-ftp.iso's to archive/
> > 2) move all *-base.iso's to archive/ too, except the last ISO with
> > previous kernel version.
> This sounds like a plan, but it's going to bork our rsyncing hard.
> Eliott, Dale, Jan - do you guys have any sort of plan of attack here?
> What would be the best way to do this that wouldn't force everything
> to rsync like 5gigs all at once?
I moved in the ISOs to 2007.08/ directory and remove the 2007.10 directory
just a suggestion would it make sense to move the archive isos to a dir which 
is not rsynced and then add them slowly again to archive/ directory?
just an idea


Tobias Powalowski
Archlinux Developer & Package Maintainer (tpowa)
tpowa at archlinux.org
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