[arch-dev-public] Cleanup / Orphans - the list

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Fri Oct 5 20:30:18 EDT 2007

I've started to workout our internal list for possible cleanups.


I've taken packages form the public wiki cleanup list and then many not
that important packages from our dashboard marked with "orphaned". We
still have to expand the list to have each pkg listed we want to remove.

If you want to keep a pkg in our repos hurry up to adopt it. On the
other side we have packages nobody wants for various reasons but we
essentially need, e.g. apache and all packages from core repo. Make
sure you adopt also some of these *unwanted* packages. We can still
work all together maintaining/improving/updating them.

We have to review the remaining packages in the cleanup list for
packages beeing a dependency or beeing essential for some reason.

Everything else will soon be removed completly from the extra repo. TUs
and users might pick them up later again for community repo/AUR.

I think one week should be enough from now on to sort things out. We
will see if we need more time.

Keep in mind that our goal is to _clean up_ the extra repo now!

So better orphan more packages that are not very important(games,
science, multimedia, packages where we have alternatives, ...) and
adopt some essential packages!


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