[arch-dev-public] hidden dependencies

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Sun Oct 7 15:10:22 EDT 2007

Sunday 07 October 2007, Andreas Radke wrote:
 | Maybe checkpkg should automatically run such a dep check when it
 | detects a .so change. We should also force all devs to use
 | checkpkg/namcap/{repo}pkg to minimize the risk of broken updates.

the day you force devs to use checkpkg for every pkg, i will orphan 
all my pkgs that contain a .so file in them or are bigger than 1 MB. 
i support the idea to use checkpkg more often, but it is fundamential 
to me to have it optional!
reasons are the resources checkpkg needs (space, time, connection 
traffick) that are limited for some of us (i.e. me). 

i use my proper way to check for soname changes by buffering the 
FILELIST of the old pkg in the CVS directory tree outside the CVS 
itself and running a diff on the new and old one. this is of course 
not very handy if you want to rebuild other peoples pkgs... and 
storing the FILELISTs of every pkg in the CVS tree is 
resource-eating, i know.

about the hidden dependencies: most of my pkgs contain (in namcap's 
eyes) redundand dependencies specified with version number exactly 
because of this. 
i would also support the decision to include all the direct 
dependencies in the depends=() array. 

greetings from the weekend,


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