[arch-dev-public] Plans for renaming kernel26suspend2 to kernel26tuxonice

Daniel Isenmann daniel.isenmann at gmx.de
Wed Oct 10 10:56:11 EDT 2007


I plan to rename the kernel26suspend2 package to kernel26tuxonice and
the corresponding modules are getting the suffix tuxonice instead of
suspend2. Since the suspend2 developers change their name to tuxonice,
this is the logical decision to avoid confusion. The next reason for
changing the package name is the fact, that the tuxonice developers
changed all refernces in their code to tuxonice. I think it's logical
to name the package like the original one.

I know, that there are other packages which would be affected by these
changes. But I'm going to find those packages and rebuild/fix them or
inform the maintainer of it.

But no panic, I don't do it now...This is just an information to start
discussion about this step. tuxonice doesn't released a stable version
which build fine with kernel 2.6.23, so there is some time to think
about it. But my plan is, that the next version of kernel26suspend2
becomes kernel26tuxonice.


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