[arch-dev-public] Killing CVS [was: Status Report 2007-10-15]

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Oct 16 13:51:09 EDT 2007

Paul Mattal schrieb:
> I know I could potentially be more productive if I could cherrypick 
> PKGBUILD mods from community members. Sounds like a small thing, and 
> it probably is, but git is a powerful way of working.

Can anyone explain to me what cherrypicking is?

> The existing cvs seems to support everything, and if we're only 
> evaluating based on support and not based on better features, why 
> switch at all? Why not stay with CVS?

CVS has no proper way of moving, removing or copying files or whole
directories. We moved around between repositories by moving the
directories between CVS trees to keep history, which is ugly. We cannot
at the same time clean up the repository from directories we do not need
anymore and keep the history (and I do want a clean working copy with
only directories that are still required and used). So CVS does NOT
support everything we need.

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