[arch-dev-public] Repo Distinctions

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Wed Oct 17 16:07:31 EDT 2007

Wednesday 17 October 2007, Paul Mattal wrote:
 | > Side note though, the [core] and [mantle] thing is cool and all,
 | > but [crust] sounds a little goofy 8) It makes me think of pizza.
 | At first, that was exactly my reaction. But taken as a set of 3,
 | they complete the analogy nicely, and the name is at least more
 | meaningful than extra, I think.

blame me, sorry for this names :) ... i just extrapolated them from 
geology .. taking the fact that we have a core. see here:


i'm also for keeping the proportion of official dev-maintained 
packages as they are distributed for our planet.
mantle is much bigger than the core and the crust is really just 
superficial happenings. everything not crust is community or 
unsupported. i know that this would mean removing some pkgs from 
official dev-maintained repos but such a cleanup is needed because it 
was never done since beginning of arch.

one important sidenote:
creating the mantle and crust should happen before releasing another 

- D

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