[arch-dev-public] License updates (was: rebuilding the whole core repo)

Jason Chu jason at archlinux.org
Mon Oct 22 10:19:45 EDT 2007

> > > * some pkgs have licence-formatting issues (Apache instead of APACHE
> > > or gpl instead of GPL ... we change the formating? licences are
> > > all-caps always?)
> It seems the precident is for common licenses, list them as all caps-
> of course, this makes sense for things that are abbreviations such as
> the GPL but not so much for APACHE. I'd be up for change, but we
> *really* need to document this. Our wiki article should have hard and
> fast guidelines for things like this.

It made much more sense when it was APL, but apparently people didn't know
what the Apache Public License was...

> > The script I used to generate that list checked, for each license in licenses,
> > is it "custom"?  If not, then does a folder structure exist at
> > /usr/share/licenses/common/${license}?  If no, then it's invalid.  Since the
> > folders in /usr/share/licenses/common are capitalized, I think the entries in
> > the license array should be as well.
> Looking at it this way, caps seems stupid for licenses unless it is
> intended to be that way (e.g. GPL, BSD).

I do like the licenses being all caps.  That's how I think of licenses.

Either way, how would you case apache to make it more proper?  Apache?

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