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James Rayner iphitus at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 17:44:31 EDT 2007

Havn't read arch-dev-public for more than a month, so sorry if forwarding
this causes any trouble.

IMHO: There's gotta be some way we can license it but allow derivative
works pertaining to Arch?

Anyway, foxbunny suggested I forward his message below and it seems relevant.

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Just in case you miss it or something, could you please post this on

"Okay, so I had a quick look at the Competition announcement draft. I
think the part about Arch Linux owning the logo, it can't be done without
making an Arch Linux foundation or sumsuch legal entity.

OTOH, we can properly license the logo to all developers, or at least one
of them who will be in charge of the logo (Phracture). It will not be free
art as in freedom, but it will still be licensed to the dev for him to do
whatever he pleases with it. IOW, no public license, so that no one can
use the artwork but the dev. Just a proper private exclusive license
targeted at a specific individual. The license should include the
exclusive right to relicense the artwork to any 3rd party under conditions
similar to the original license, or maybe a more open license.

During the voting period, there could be a limited license with a definite
deadline. License is, AFAIK, a simple contract between the author and the
licensee so I don't think there should be any legal trouble as long as the
licensee is an individual (or a group of individuals).

As for completely giving up possession of the artwork by the original
author, I don't think that is necessary.

EDIT: Maybe devs could come up with such a license that we are obliged to
agree on before we can submit the artwork?

Like 'By submitting the artwork, you agree to the following terms... yada

Best regards,


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